Larry Saunders

My name is Larry Saunders.  It has been an honor to serve as your South District Representative on the Nelson County Board of Supervisors for the last four years and it is my hope to continue to do so for the next four years.

Larry SaundersIn 2011, I promised I would make responsible financial decisions in spending your tax dollars and help create jobs by supporting local businesses.  Here we are in 2015, I have not missed a single Board of Supervisors’ Meeting and every promise has been kept.

It has been my goal to be the best steward of our County’s revenue ensuring the funds are spent wisely and taxes remain stable. During the last four years, County debt has been reduced by $350,000 and a million dollars in grants have helped to pay for County projects.

With the many ongoing construction projects, my management and construction experience has allowed me to identify areas where changes could be made saving countless tax dollars for our residents.

My vision for the next four years and beyond is to correct the infrastructure deficiencies (water and sewer capacity) that are a major impediment to our economic progress. Several development projects were not possible and several existing businesses could not expand due to inadequate utilities. My forty years of utility construction experience uniquely qualifies me to formulate and execute a plan that might enable us to break through this bottleneck. With these improvements, good paying jobs could be created right here in Nelson County.

Please vote Larry Saunders for South District Board of Supervisor on November 3rd.

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